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The REVIVAL Zine is a feminist publication and service organization. We strive to raise awareness, facilitate discussion, support marginalized groups, and mobilize for action towards social change, all while allowing students to reclaim their voices. The REVIVAL Zine is all about using your voice and sharing your thoughts.

Recent Articles

What is White Feminism?

Leila Kalliel // With an influx of information and a new attention to intersectionality in general education, many people have heard a relatively new term encompassing a phenomenon known as “white feminism”. But what is it, and what does it really mean?  Wikipedia defines White Feminism as, “a form of feminism that focuses on the strugglesContinue reading “What is White Feminism?”


by Rayanne Asuncion// Part 1: 7 February 2020  I loved him for three years, and I thought I would love him for every year beyond. We braved distance and time together. FaceTimes until we could run into each other’s arms. We were drunk off youth and love. It was eternal summer. Then it ended.  OnContinue reading “February”