The Most Embarrassing Part About My Spotify Wrapped

By Drue Wigton //

As all Spotify, or even Apple music users know, the two platforms’ respective year wrapped features are equally looked forward to and dreaded. In essence, this playlist serves a purpose of showing you the songs and artists you spent the most time listening to over the course of the year. For me personally, the wrapped always seems to be a perfect summary of how my year went, and this year was a mess to say the least. It’s always a funny thing to reflect on and to compare with friends, but this year I personally noticed a specific trend in my overall listening history. 

One thing I found interesting was that the female representation in my spotify wrapped was present, but also lacking in comparison to the number of male artists I had listened to this last year. My top 5 artists were all men, except for my fifth most listened to, who was Phoebe Bridgers (this year was rough.) How could I preach female representation to others when I couldn’t apply this to my own personal life? 

I spent the next few days after receiving my wrapped playlist making a playlist of my own, composed of only women. I really think we could all use some more female artists in our wrapped playlists in the coming years, and there are so many women out there who deserve way more hype than they’re receiving right now. It’s definitely not the most organized playlist I’ve ever made, but it’s easily one of the best. This playlist was a big collaborative process with my close friends, and we were all surprised to find the male dominant culture of the music industry within our own listening patterns. I tried to add a wide range of artists in order to truly maximize the effectiveness of this playlist. There are well-known artists, artists who are just getting started, artists from different cultural backgrounds, and a lot more. Women need to support women, and I think that music is universally a great place to start. 

I definitely believe looking over my wrapped helped me reflect on the female representation I have in my life. It’s pretty well known a majority of social factors/industries are dominated by men, but it’s important to recognize what we can do to change this within our personal lives. The creation of “GRLZ”  was a good place to start, but I’ll definitely continue challenging myself to prioritize female representation in things such as the music I listen to, the movies I watch, or even where I shop. I encourage others to challenge themselves as well!

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