Top 4 Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Victoria Mongiardo //

Traveling alone is a perfect opportunity for personal growth. You learn to take the initiative, research destinations, make new friends, and explore beautiful places! But sometimes, as a female traveler, it can be intimidating to plan a trip on your own to an entirely unfamiliar place. As solo travelers, we need to consider different aspects of traveling, such as safety and the friendliness of locals, while also visiting all of the places we want to see. With all of those requirements in mind, here are some of the best destinations for female solo travelers!

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a lively, relatively safe city filled with art, culture, and famous sites to see. You can take a stroll through Park Guell or sign up for a food tour and try traditional dishes such as paella. The architecture in Barcelona, including Casa Milà and Sagrada Família, is considered among some of the most famous in the world. There are plenty of activities to do as a solo female traveler that are relatively safe. However, like the rest of Europe, pickpocketing is not uncommon, so it would be wise to keep your belongings close. It may even be wise to keep your purse on your lap while dining alone. 

  1. Dubai, UAE

Contrary to popular belief, Dubai is actually ranked number 1 in the world as the safest city for women to walk at night. This is thanks to the 300,000 surveillance cameras, which keep the city safe from crime. Dubai is a modern city well known for its vibrant nightlife and extravagance, so make sure to pack a few cocktail dresses. You should also be sure to check out Ladies Night at the restaurants and bars for free drinks, discounts, and a fun night with your girlfriends! 

  1. Taipei, Taiwan 

Taipei is one of the top destinations for female solo travelers because of its general safety and reliable public transportation system. Traveling around Taipei is made quick and easy with a vast MRT station. There are even carts typically at the front of the trains that are specially for women and children. Yay, no creepy men! As a solo woman traveler in Taiwan, there is plenty to see! You can eat your way through the night markets, visit Taipei 101, and explore the National Palace Museum.    

  1. Tokyo, Japan

When it comes to traveling alone, Tokyo is one of the best cities to visit! With solo cultural dining and capsule hotels, traveling is made easy, simple, and safe. Conveyor belt sushi restaurants are very popular in Tokyo, and you can pick your favorite nigiri, sashimi, and sometimes rolls right off of the conveyor belt. The restaurant chain Ichiran Ramen is also considered a must-visit food destination as you can order from a machine and sit in a one-person booth. If you are traveling alone and don’t want to face the awkwardness of eating alone at a restaurant, this is the perfect place for you! There is also plenty of street food to try in Japan as you walk around and travel to different cultural sites. 

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