6 Brands Empowering Women’s Bodies on IG

By Rayanne Asuncion //

Instagram has quickly become another avenue for commercial brands to advertise their products and broadcast their deals, which pop up when tapping through IG stories or scrolling through your timeline. Brands also utilize an active account that informs followers of sales, new releases, and exciting collaborations with celebrities or influencers. 

Rather than just selling a product, some brands are using their platforms to educate their followers and link them together in an online community as well. For brands catering to the female consumer, the visibility and transparency of social media become a tool of empowerment, facilitating an open discussion about a range of women’s issues from intersectional feminism to masturbation.

  1. @lovewellness

Love Wellness is a women’s health and wellness brand focused on multivitamins, supplements, and personal care. The brand was founded by Lo Bosworth, a woman in search of “clean products that actually work paired with product education that helped me understand my body better to reduce the stigma that can come with women’s health.” Love Wellness is run by a team of female researchers, doctors, nutritionists, and health practitioners—a brand by women, for women. 

Their recent Instagram campaign “Let’s Talk Bodies” is dedicated to open and honest discussion about women’s health issues. Some topics include poop, “vagina probs,” and bloating. These posts are candid and informative, discussing openly the normalcy of UTI’s, yeast infections, and odors. Vaginal infections, mainly those associated with sexual activity, can be a bewildering experience for women due to a lack of visibility and informed conversation. Love Wellness takes to social media to broadcast these issues and normalize them.

The Love Wellness Instagram page boasts a refreshing honesty rooted in a community of women who want to get real about their bodies and take the first step in a healthier lifestyle.

  1. @unboundbabes

Unbound is a brand of sex toys and accessories dedicated to destigmatizing sex and pleasure. Run by a team of 10 women and nonbinary people, Unbound has spearheaded several campaigns to advocate for sexual liberation and reproductive health, like sending vibrators to members of Congress. 

The brand’s Instagram page is a collage of different content, from reposting cheeky memes about sex and masturbation to stunning product shots (like a glass dildo catching the sunlight). However, their influencer features and informative text posts are also valuable tools in their agenda to destigmatize women’s sexual health. Pictures of real women with their sex toys make the concept of pleasure visible and beautiful. The brand highlights a variety of bodies in accordance with their proclaimed inclusivity and body positivity.

Unbound has taken an isolating pleasure and made it communal through their online community of Unbound Babes.

  1. @megababe

Megababe Beauty is a beauty and body care brand of clean, vegan products dedicated to solving the problems of daily discomfort. Founder Katie Sturino created the brand to “tackle ‘taboo’ body issues and be more comfortable and confident!” Star products of the brand, raved about in magazines like InStyle and allure, tackle thigh chafing, and butt acne. However, their products tackle a range of other body issues like body odor, foot odor, underarm darkness, boob sweat, and feminine hygiene in irresistibly cute packaging!

The brand’s Instagram features women of all body types using their products, embracing these body issues as a shared experience amongst the Megababe community. Like Unbound, Megababe uses fun and cheeky memes to make the “taboo” issues more entertaining and playful. 

Megababe’s online community is definitely one of the most lighthearted, but also transparent. They are cultivating a space where people can be unashamed of their sweat, acne, and odors, as they should!

  1. @shethinx

Thinx is a period care company that manufactures period underwear, a sustainable option for menstruation. The brand, founded in 2013, has been “hard at work breaking the period taboo” through its comprehensive line of period underwear in a range of styles, absorbencies, colors, and fabrics made to serve all kinds of bodies and flows. 

Located at the intersection of feminine care and sustainability, the brand’s Instagram is full of informative text posts that discuss intersections of race, gender, sexuality, state politics, healthcare, and more. Some posts include: “How My Disability Informed My Period Care Journey,” “Which U.S. states still have the period tax,” and, recently, a post dedicated to honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The brand is proactively giving back to local organizations and connecting their followers to resources that educate and fund social justice causes, like their current campaign with the Black Mamas Matter Alliance (BMMA). Consumers can donate to organizations easily at checkout, exhibiting the brand’s dedication to intersectionality and community building.

The brand looks at period care beyond a consumer need—their content on social media points to genuine care for the people that use their products.

  1. @saaltco

Saalt is another period care brand on Instagram, but along with offering a selection of period underwear, the brand also specializes in menstrual cups and discs. To co-founder Cherie Hoeger, the menstrual cup is a solution to the inaccessibility of period care, particularly for her family in Venezuela. Menstrual cups provide a long-term alternative to disposable period products, which can be financially difficult to keep stocked for the next cycle.

Featured on their Instagram page are stunning product shots, of cups and of women. Their Instagram is focused specifically on periods: stages of the menstrual cycle, measuring the cervix, yoga positions to ease period cramping, and navigating the learning curve with menstrual cups. The information on their page is dedicated to educating people with periods on what their periods mean, like symptoms of PMS and PMDD as well as the different phases of menstruation, filling a gap in menstruation education that many women never receive. Knowing the body strengthens a connection between the mind and body, empowering people with periods to know themselves intimately and have better period experiences.

The brand’s Instagram page boasts a beautifully minimalist aesthetic, mitigating anxieties or concerns, and taking a mindful and peaceful approach to period education.

  1. @billie

Billie is a body care brand famous for its razors and various shaving products designed to empower and serve womankind. On their website, the brand describes shaving as “an industry that seemed to only care about men,” warranting a need for products that are free of masculine rhetoric.

Billie aims to deconstruct social stigma around body hair, especially for women, emphasizing a woman’s choice when it comes to her body hair. The images on their Instagram platform feature women showing off their underarm hair, leg hair, facial hair, unruly brow hair, and pubic hair in an effort to normalize women’s body hair. The brand focuses on the visibility of body hair as the key to normalization rather than textual information. The images are playful and joyful, combatting the somber “taboo” of body hair and all the social stigma it carries with it.

Billie is showing women that not only is body hair normal, but it can also even be fun to accessorize with fun hair clips.

Social media is an efficient tool for brands to attract more customers and direct traffic to their commercial sites, but these 6 brands are using their platform to educate and empower women. The transparency of their production and manufacturing, the visibility of “taboo” body issues, and their emphasis on education have allowed them to garner loyal customers that are informed, not only about their products and sales but about their own bodies.

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