A Grain of Salt

By Drue Wigton //

I’ve mentioned this in a previous article, but with the little free time I have, I try to branch out and discover more female artists in all realms of entertainment. as well as women-owned business to support. Take my recommendations with a grain of salt, but I’ve come to share some recent discoveries that have been worth my while.


My friend Samila recently sat me down and forced me to watch the show Fleabag, all it took was less than a minute of watching and I was hooked. I can’t tell if it’s the acting, the dark humor, or the overall relatability of the show that makes it so easy to watch, but I think that this is definitely a show worth watching. I’m not the first to recommend this show, as demonstrated by the endless awards it has won, and I definitely won’t be the last. If you’re looking for a tragic main character to root for (even though they kinda suck sometimes,) this show is 100% for you. 


Billie Marten isn’t a recent discovery for me necessarily, I’ve always recommended her music because it feels like every comforting feeling you could imagine wrapped up into one. Marten has one of the most soothing voices I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. Her albums are  the perfect music to drive to with the windows down and the heater blasting on your feet because it’s actually really freezing outside but you want to have your coming-of-age movie moment. I would say if you like Phoebe Bridgers, Maggie Rogers, and everything in between, Billie Marten is the girl for you. 

My second recommendation is Lizzy Mcalpine. I actually discovered Lizzy’s music when I was a freshman when my friend Erin showed me her Soundcloud because oddly enough they went to “horse camp” together. A few years later, Lizzy had a viral video on TikTok and she’s gotten the recognition she’sdeserved ever since. Lizzy has a very similar music style to Billie Marten, and I have yet to find a song of Lizzy’s (or Billie’s) that I don’t like. 


It’s always really hard for me to read books for my own enjoyment because of school,work, and life. Yet when I started to read Normal People by Sally Rooney, it was almost impossible to put down. All I can say is that Rooney has an admirably attractive style of writing that makes you want to finish the book in one night, and if that doesn’t sell it then I don’t know what will. 


A majority of my coworkers, myself included, are huge plant freaks. I’ve always said all a room needs to feel alive is a plant in the corner, and if you can snag more than one, even better! Idyll Mercantile is an independent business that is fully women-owned, and located in Santa Barbara! They are so attentive to what you’re looking for in a plant, and it’s even better that you’re supporting a local business while creating a happy environment for yourself. 

My list of awesome women to support can go on and on, and I hope that these recommendations can serve as a sense of motivation to get out there and discover all of the amazing artists this world has to offer. 

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