“Man Eater”

by Leila Kalliel //

I am a man eater. 

I like eating men. 

Their fear, so sweet on my tongue 


I am a man eater

I like eating men

I like it even more when they run


Their smell is so heinous

Their minds, so dull

The least they can do is entertain us

But no—


Self-importance runs free

In the minds of our men

With privilege and glee

Sick pigs love their pen 


But Farmer has come

Turns out he’s a She

Her teeth, and her venom

—they chew us all free


They call us Man Eaters

Some champions, some freaks

But how else to cure the misogyny men keep?


Because we are Feminists

We must eat all men

Their Hatred, their Rib—we leave it to Them


Because we are Feminists 

We must be inventive

Like cannibals in dresses:

Empowered Murderesses.

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