Letters from the Heart: When Will My Body Be Mine?

Letters from the Heart: When Will My Body Be Mine? By Suad Abdoun TW: rape, SA,  Dear Reader, As I scroll through the news today and digest the Supreme Court’s decision to rip away fundamental reproductive rights I am left wondering if I will ever truly own my body. I know I am lucky, havingContinue reading “Letters from the Heart: When Will My Body Be Mine?”

Letters from the Heart: I Have A Confession 

Suad Abdoun // Dear Reader, A few months ago I wrote an article about the racist history of fatphobia, in which I briefly discussed my eating disorder and struggle with body image issues. I ended the article on a positive note, claiming I would do my best to destigmatize the way I think about beautyContinue reading “Letters from the Heart: I Have A Confession “

Women’s History Month: Women Who Made History

Sydney Milewski // It’s March, which means it’s Women’s History Month! Women have made countless contributions to society since the start of civilization. But, most of us have never been taught about extraordinary women and their roles in making history. I want to highlight women from a variety of backgrounds who have made history notContinue reading “Women’s History Month: Women Who Made History”

Iris: A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Apple Incorporated

by Luigi A. Rodriguez // TW: suicide, violence, sexual harassment “Things gotta change, yo.” – Iris The sound of music, dancing bright bokeh lights, soft summer breezes; automated homes equipped with black mirrors that reflect sparklets, which shine off the sanguinary freckles: a corpse lies on the ground and a hole the size of halfContinue reading “Iris: A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Apple Incorporated”

Demystifying Queer Love: 4 (HEALTHY!) Sapphic Book Recommendations

Micaela Davis In the age of fanfiction and the rampant hyper-fetishization of female queer relationships both on and off-screen, it can definitely be a challenge to find healthy and interesting representation in works of fiction. As a sapphic enthusiast and bookworm, I’ve definitely experienced some hit-and-misses when it came to finding WLW (woman-loving-woman) books thatContinue reading “Demystifying Queer Love: 4 (HEALTHY!) Sapphic Book Recommendations”

Hysteria and Fan Culture: Destigmatizing the Female Fad

Anna Friedman // Where an artist or piece of media finds itself with a majority female fan base, there is inevitably a number of people out there waiting to call it a craze.  When the fans are primarily teenage girls, they’re almost guaranteed to become known as full on hysterical.  In any space where womenContinue reading “Hysteria and Fan Culture: Destigmatizing the Female Fad”