“You don’t look sick”

Emma Eriksen I’m fourteen, wrapped in a hospital gown and shivering at the antiseptic chill of the room, watching as the doctor chats with my mom like I wasn’t there. After spending an hour collecting my vital signs, asking me questions, asking my mom questions, and palpating my abdomen, all interspersed with long waits, heContinue reading ““You don’t look sick””

The Evolution of Modern Feminist Activism: What We Owe to Women of Color

Joshen Mantai // Everyone knows about the power that ensued because of the hashtag #MeToo that ignited a social media phenomenon, exposing the underbelly of sexism within various industries. A similar movement paralleled with #TimesUp, repeatedly showing how social media can be utilized as a space for women to be heard. Over 10 years beforeContinue reading “The Evolution of Modern Feminist Activism: What We Owe to Women of Color”

Borderline Personality Disorder in Women 

By Victoria Mongiardo // For the final day of Mental Health Awareness month, we found it fitting to discuss a relatively unknown mental illness that most commonly affects women.  Borderline personality disorder is a severe mental illness that typically involves feeling unloved, unwanted, and empty. People with borderline personality disorder tend to feel constantly afraid thatContinue reading “Borderline Personality Disorder in Women “

My complicated relationship with femininity

Swara Tewari // When I was a little girl, I used to excitedly don all the frilly dresses my mom bought for me, and wear matching butterfly hair clips. I used to play with dolls and twirl around the living room, pretending I was a princess. When asked what my favorite color was, I wouldContinue reading “My complicated relationship with femininity”

A Time to (Un)Learn: A Brief History of Sexaul Assault Awareness Month

Alexandra Gray // This past month was Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Ironically, and somewhat fittingly, I was unaware of this until this year. Upon reflection, I realized that there is still a taboo surrounding the discussion of sexual assault and survivor stories. Even with the explosion of the “Me Too” movement, a lot of peopleContinue reading “A Time to (Un)Learn: A Brief History of Sexaul Assault Awareness Month”

What Is Intersectional Feminism? An Intro.

Emily Kissinger // “If we are not intersectional, some of us, the most vulnerable, are going to fall through the cracks”  – Kimberlé Crenshaw With The RevivalZine being an intersectional feminist publication, we felt it was long overdue to define what specifically IS intersectionality in a way that’s accessible. As well as that it’s ourContinue reading “What Is Intersectional Feminism? An Intro.”

A “Promising” Young Woman

Joshen Mantai // It was a rainy day in quarantine when I decided to watch the Oscar-nominated film Promising Young Woman (2020) starring the lovely Carey Mulligan. The idea came from a friend, as she described the film as a tale of a “feminist vigilante.” Those are the only two words I felt I neededContinue reading “A “Promising” Young Woman”