Iris: A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Apple Incorporated

by Luigi A. Rodriguez // TW: suicide, violence, sexual harassment “Things gotta change, yo.” – Iris The sound of music, dancing bright bokeh lights, soft summer breezes; automated homes equipped with black mirrors that reflect sparklets, which shine off the sanguinary freckles: a corpse lies on the ground and a hole the size of halfContinue reading “Iris: A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Apple Incorporated”

Demystifying Queer Love: 4 (HEALTHY!) Sapphic Book Recommendations

Micaela Davis In the age of fanfiction and the rampant hyper-fetishization of female queer relationships both on and off-screen, it can definitely be a challenge to find healthy and interesting representation in works of fiction. As a sapphic enthusiast and bookworm, I’ve definitely experienced some hit-and-misses when it came to finding WLW (woman-loving-woman) books thatContinue reading “Demystifying Queer Love: 4 (HEALTHY!) Sapphic Book Recommendations”

Hysteria and Fan Culture: Destigmatizing the Female Fad

Anna Friedman // Where an artist or piece of media finds itself with a majority female fan base, there is inevitably a number of people out there waiting to call it a craze.  When the fans are primarily teenage girls, they’re almost guaranteed to become known as full on hysterical.  In any space where womenContinue reading “Hysteria and Fan Culture: Destigmatizing the Female Fad”

Pronouns in Drag Culture: Rupaul’s Drag Race and other Crazy Controversies

by Kat Brydson // Welcome to the crazy world of drag culture. I’ll introduce this to you with a scenario: You’re at your local Taco Bell, enjoying your crunch wrap supreme, when a group of male-presenting folks walk in and keep referring to each other as “she”. If you didn’t know that they were dragContinue reading “Pronouns in Drag Culture: Rupaul’s Drag Race and other Crazy Controversies”

True Crime: A Fan Culture Devoid of Empathy

By Emily Kissinger // With a rise in fascination with the true crime genre over the passing decades, there has been this false narrative of an illusive manipulator who can trap any victim he pleases. Stalking under the cover of darkness, he is ‘untouchable’. Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, or the Chicago Strangler, to name aContinue reading “True Crime: A Fan Culture Devoid of Empathy”

Coding Taught Me How to Fail

By Emma Eriksen // “Nana korobi ya oki” is a Japanese proverb with an English translation that you’ve probably heard: fall down seven times, get up eight. It speaks to perseverance, a character trait that is highly valued in U.S. culture—almost everyone knows the “bootstraps” and “self-made man” parables. But in a culture that praisesContinue reading “Coding Taught Me How to Fail”