6 Brands Empowering Women’s Bodies on IG

By Rayanne Asuncion // Instagram has quickly become another avenue for commercial brands to advertise their products and broadcast their deals, which pop up when tapping through IG stories or scrolling through your timeline. Brands also utilize an active account that informs followers of sales, new releases, and exciting collaborations with celebrities or influencers.  RatherContinue reading 6 Brands Empowering Women’s Bodies on IG

“Self-Care Isn’t Just for Women”

Sydney Milewski // Time and time again, self-care is marketed towards women as a way to relax, recharge, and show some love to yourself. Face masks, bubble baths, and disconnecting from your devices are typical ways we are told we can participate in “self-care”. While some people recognize doing a body scrub and drinking teaContinue reading ““Self-Care Isn’t Just for Women””

Sex Ed and Sexism

Leila Kalliel // Sexual Education in K-12 schools is a subject which has long been a struggle to implement. From biological essentialism to pregnancy scares, schools just can’t seem to find an appropriate, helpful, realistic middle ground to base their curriculums around. But while the inefficacy of information distributed through sexual education has been aContinue reading “Sex Ed and Sexism”

Sour about Sour: My Struggle with Internalized Misogyny

Alexandra Gray // A few months ago Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album “Sour” was released and took the world by storm. Every single radio station played “Good 4 U” or “drivers license” on repeat for weeks. It was inescapable. And while I didn’t enjoy the album as much as the rest of the world did, IContinue reading “Sour about Sour: My Struggle with Internalized Misogyny”

The “Abnormal” Sex

Maryanne Sheldon // Category: Health Medicine and the science behind it have been inherently biased throughout human history. Women, especially women of color, have been consistently ignored because their bodies were considered the outlier. In religion, government, and society at large, white male bodies have been seen as the norm, the template body plan toContinue reading “The “Abnormal” Sex”

Top 4 Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Victoria Mongiardo // Traveling alone is a perfect opportunity for personal growth. You learn to take the initiative, research destinations, make new friends, and explore beautiful places! But sometimes, as a female traveler, it can be intimidating to plan a trip on your own to an entirely unfamiliar place. As solo travelers, we need to considerContinue reading “Top 4 Destinations for Solo Female Travelers”

Eating Disorders and the Racist History of Fatphobia

Suad Abdoun // TW: Eating Disorder One of the most heartbreaking things about being a woman is growing up and being told that your body in its natural form is not desirable and thus you have to change it. I remember being in middle school, not thinking twice about my weight, stretch marks, or cellulite.Continue reading “Eating Disorders and the Racist History of Fatphobia”