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The “Abnormal” Sex

Maryanne Sheldon // Category: Health Medicine and the science behind it have been inherently biased throughout human history. Women, especially women of color, have been consistently ignored because their bodies were considered the outlier. In religion, government, and society at large, white male bodies have been seen as the norm, the template body plan toContinue reading “The “Abnormal” Sex”

Missing from the media 

Drue Wigton // abuse, murder, missing persons case  On the date of September 11, 2021, it was reported that 22-year old Gabby Petito was missing after she didn’t return with her boyfriend after a month-long trip in their shared van across the country. It wasn’t long until the case went viral; it was a hot topicContinue reading “Missing from the media “

The Evolution of Modern Feminist Activism: What We Owe to Women of Color

Joshen Mantai // Everyone knows about the power that ensued because of the hashtag #MeToo that ignited a social media phenomenon, exposing the underbelly of sexism within various industries. A similar movement paralleled with #TimesUp, repeatedly showing how social media can be utilized as a space for women to be heard. Over 10 years beforeContinue reading “The Evolution of Modern Feminist Activism: What We Owe to Women of Color”

A Mile in my Shoes 

Drue Wigton // On the night of March 3, 2021, a woman named Sarah Everard was walking home from a friend’s house in South London when she was kidnapped in broad daylight and later discovered on March 10, 2021. In light of this recent event, there’s a public upset (as shown by the multiple vigilsContinue reading “A Mile in my Shoes “

Borderline Personality Disorder in Women 

By Victoria Mongiardo // For the final day of Mental Health Awareness month, we found it fitting to discuss a relatively unknown mental illness that most commonly affects women.  Borderline personality disorder is a severe mental illness that typically involves feeling unloved, unwanted, and empty. People with borderline personality disorder tend to feel constantly afraid thatContinue reading “Borderline Personality Disorder in Women “

A Time to (Un)Learn: A Brief History of Sexaul Assault Awareness Month

Alexandra Gray // This past month was Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Ironically, and somewhat fittingly, I was unaware of this until this year. Upon reflection, I realized that there is still a taboo surrounding the discussion of sexual assault and survivor stories. Even with the explosion of the “Me Too” movement, a lot of peopleContinue reading “A Time to (Un)Learn: A Brief History of Sexaul Assault Awareness Month”

Let’s Talk About Acne

Karlie Smith // “Don’t worry–your skin will clear in a few years, pimples fade when you become an adult, anyway.” My mother comforted my acne-ridden self with statements similar to these in my pre-teen and teenage years. Of course, I don’t blame her for her desperate attempts to console me in such an insecure state,Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Acne”

An Unapologetic Siding with Valerie Solanas’s SCUM Manifesto (content warning for sexual assault)

Ladann Kiassat // Often when I start befriending a new acquaintance, they quickly learn that I am a feminist. Usually, with replies or rebuttals saying, “you’re not like that type of feminist, right?” I am always baffled. Is there another definition of a feminist? A feminist is one who believes in the sexes’ social, economic,Continue reading “An Unapologetic Siding with Valerie Solanas’s SCUM Manifesto (content warning for sexual assault)”

The Evolution of me and You: A Personal Perspective on the Male Gaze Backed by Biology

Ladann Kiassat //  The human species love putting themself above the wild animals they abuse, torture, and eat. You’ve often heard a rendition of “man looks into nature and finds himself” in one context or another. Well this is quite literal. A lot of the evolutionary behaviors that animals display in the midst of theContinue reading “The Evolution of me and You: A Personal Perspective on the Male Gaze Backed by Biology”

Young Adult Novels and the ‘Masculine Heroine’

Leila Kalliel //       Young Adult novels are infamous for their overwhelming tendency to rely on well-tested, recurring ‘tropes’ within a narrative to gain audience approval from readers who are often the most impressionable, and are thus most affected by the perpetuation of these literary stereotypes. Some familiar tropes may include: The Chosen One The ParentsContinue reading “Young Adult Novels and the ‘Masculine Heroine’”

On Uniformity

Katie Caracciolo // 8/31/2015 On the first day of seventh grade, I confront my reflection in the mirror: the epitome of middle school awkwardness. Barely there blonde hair hangs down over my forehead, pimples freckle my chin, and horrible plastic glasses frame my nearsighted eyes. But my recently-tightened braces shine bright in the mirror, becauseContinue reading “On Uniformity”

What is White Feminism?

Leila Kalliel // With an influx of information and a new attention to intersectionality in general education, many people have heard a relatively new term encompassing a phenomenon known as “white feminism”. But what is it, and what does it really mean?  Wikipedia defines White Feminism as, “a form of feminism that focuses on the strugglesContinue reading “What is White Feminism?”


by Rayanne Asuncion// Part 1: 7 February 2020  I loved him for three years, and I thought I would love him for every year beyond. We braved distance and time together. FaceTimes until we could run into each other’s arms. We were drunk off youth and love. It was eternal summer. Then it ended.  OnContinue reading “February”

A Day to Commemorate Our Women in STEM

by Ladann Kiassat // Dating back to third century BCE ancient Egypt, the first recorded woman in medicine was Merit Ptah. Even though some argue that she might not have existed, she is representative of female physicians who were pioneers in medicine and science. Fast forward to the 21st century where technology, medicine, and engineering continueContinue reading “A Day to Commemorate Our Women in STEM”

Period Cups: Eco-guilt Surrounding Menstruation

by Rayanne Asuncion // Menstruation: a natural bodily function that remains a taboo in 2021. From secret tampon exchanges under the table, to hormonal acne, to bringing your entire bag into the bathroom stall just to replace sanitary products, people with periods are socially conditioned to feel ashamed and disgusted at that time of theContinue reading “Period Cups: Eco-guilt Surrounding Menstruation”

The Brazen Woman

By Victoria Mongiardo // As a woman, I am assumed to be altruistic, empathetic, nurturing, and sweet, and while I wouldn’t say that those characteristics are completely inaccurate to who I am, it is problematic to confine women to such demure terms. By defining a proper woman as someone who should embody these docile characteristics, womenContinue reading “The Brazen Woman”

The Scale

By Karlie Smith // [TRIGGER WARNING: The following content mentions/alludes to eating disorders and mental health] At approximately 7:30 am, my day begins. Barefooted and stripped of heavy clothing–I tiptoe into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. Reaching under the stool, I quietly remove the hidden scale from its current designated location. Thought youContinue reading “The Scale”

Put A Sock In It, Joseph Epstein

By Leila Kalliel Several days ago, the Wall Street Journal released an article titled, “Is There a Doctor in the White House? Not if You Need an M.D,” criticizing first-lady-elect Jill Biden for including the honorific ‘doctor’ in her name because apparently, that title only really applies to medical doctors.         In said article, Joseph EpsteinContinue reading “Put A Sock In It, Joseph Epstein”

Being a Feminine Feminist

 By Leila Kalliel //I’ve been trying to think of a way to sum up my relationship with femininity. Several titles for this article have come and gone. Among them, “It’s Hard Being a Feminist and Having a Boyfriend,” which was a close second until I realized that my problem isn’t as much about romantic relationshipsContinue reading “Being a Feminine Feminist”

The Treasure Chest

By Swara Tewari // My third-grade teacher had a plastic treasure chest stashed under her desk. It was filled to the brim with prizes — Pokemon cards, mini monster trucks, water balloons, stickers and glittery pencil grips. To draw a prize from the treasure chest, you had to earn ten stars, which were given outContinue reading “The Treasure Chest”

What It Means to be a Woman in the Eyes of the 45th President

By Drue Wigton // In 2015, Donald Trump publicly said “I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not supposed to say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?” about his rival Carly Fiorina.  On ABC’s “The View” in 2006, Donald Trump said “… she does have a very nice figure. I’ve saidContinue reading “What It Means to be a Woman in the Eyes of the 45th President”

A Girl Eat Girl World

By Leila Kalliel // Men have oppressed and victimized women for centuries, forcing them into a domestic role they found to be the most convenient. But what lasting effects did this constant mistreatment have on the way we as women view each other? In my experience, these injustices paved the way for an unprecedented phenomenon.Continue reading “A Girl Eat Girl World”

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