On Uniformity

Katie Caracciolo // 8/31/2015 On the first day of seventh grade, I confront my reflection in the mirror: the epitome of middle school awkwardness. Barely there blonde hair hangs down over my forehead, pimples freckle my chin, and horrible plastic glasses frame my nearsighted eyes. But my recently-tightened braces shine bright in the mirror, becauseContinue reading “On Uniformity”

The Scale

By Karlie Smith // [TRIGGER WARNING: The following content mentions/alludes to eating disorders and mental health] At approximately 7:30 am, my day begins. Barefooted and stripped of heavy clothing–I tiptoe into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. Reaching under the stool, I quietly remove the hidden scale from its current designated location. Thought youContinue reading “The Scale”