Letters from the Heart: When Will My Body Be Mine?

Letters from the Heart: When Will My Body Be Mine? By Suad Abdoun TW: rape, SA,  Dear Reader, As I scroll through the news today and digest the Supreme Court’s decision to rip away fundamental reproductive rights I am left wondering if I will ever truly own my body. I know I am lucky, havingContinue reading “Letters from the Heart: When Will My Body Be Mine?”

Hysteria and Fan Culture: Destigmatizing the Female Fad

Anna Friedman // Where an artist or piece of media finds itself with a majority female fan base, there is inevitably a number of people out there waiting to call it a craze.  When the fans are primarily teenage girls, they’re almost guaranteed to become known as full on hysterical.  In any space where womenContinue reading “Hysteria and Fan Culture: Destigmatizing the Female Fad”

Eating Disorders and the Racist History of Fatphobia

Suad Abdoun // TW: Eating Disorder One of the most heartbreaking things about being a woman is growing up and being told that your body in its natural form is not desirable and thus you have to change it. I remember being in middle school, not thinking twice about my weight, stretch marks, or cellulite.Continue reading “Eating Disorders and the Racist History of Fatphobia”

A “Promising” Young Woman

Joshen Mantai // It was a rainy day in quarantine when I decided to watch the Oscar-nominated film Promising Young Woman (2020) starring the lovely Carey Mulligan. The idea came from a friend, as she described the film as a tale of a “feminist vigilante.” Those are the only two words I felt I neededContinue reading “A “Promising” Young Woman”

“I Can Watch That Too”

Cathryn Noel-Veatch // The film industry is tricky. There are thousands of different movies and television shows that all are out there to provide some type of entertainment. Many of these programs are designed to fit in a certain genre. Action, romance, fantasy, horror; each of these categories have subgenres upon subgenres for them toContinue reading ““I Can Watch That Too””

“No, I Don’t Think I Will Smile”

Cathryn Noel-Veatch // Every woman has heard it at some point. “You’d be so much prettier if you just smiled”, “Why don’t you smile a bit more”, “Come on just give me a smile” well you know what I don’t want to smile like that anymore. It gets so tiring after a while. Being toldContinue reading ““No, I Don’t Think I Will Smile””