In Defense of the “Radical” Feminist

Isabella Ponce Opinion   Being a feminist, especially a “radical” feminist, has been frowned upon for ages. Even today, we still have our misgivings about the term “radical.” What exactly does it entail? It suggests women have gone wild, creating a movement so extreme it resorts to violence. It suggests chaos, marches in the streetsContinue reading “In Defense of the “Radical” Feminist”

Tired Tropes: Manic Pixie Dream Girls

Tired Tropes: Manic Pixie Dream Girls Alexandra Gray Opinion I am an avid enjoyer of all things romantic. Whether it’s a goofy tv sitcom about a quirky girl and her three male roommates, a bizarre Michael Cera movie that takes place in Toronto, or cheesy young adult novels written by a forty year old man,Continue reading “Tired Tropes: Manic Pixie Dream Girls”

Keep your (c)laws off my body

// by Jackie Bangle and Emily Kissinger On May 2nd, 2022, a draft of a SCOTUS proposal written in February to rescind Roe v. Wade was leaked to the general public. With the recent conversation about reproductive rights in America, this news came as a shock to some, but to many it was a visceralContinue reading “Keep your (c)laws off my body”

The Historical Woman: An Afterthought in Education

// by Anna Friedman We need to change the way we talk about women in history education.  In a standard history class, students will get maybe one or two lectures specifically on women, often titled something along the lines of “Women in___” or “Women’s Experiences.”  After that, they are an afterthought, mentioned at most onceContinue reading “The Historical Woman: An Afterthought in Education”

Pronouns in Drag Culture: Rupaul’s Drag Race and other Crazy Controversies

by Kat Brydson // Welcome to the crazy world of drag culture. I’ll introduce this to you with a scenario: You’re at your local Taco Bell, enjoying your crunch wrap supreme, when a group of male-presenting folks walk in and keep referring to each other as “she”. If you didn’t know that they were dragContinue reading “Pronouns in Drag Culture: Rupaul’s Drag Race and other Crazy Controversies”

True Crime: A Fan Culture Devoid of Empathy

By Emily Kissinger // With a rise in fascination with the true crime genre over the passing decades, there has been this false narrative of an illusive manipulator who can trap any victim he pleases. Stalking under the cover of darkness, he is ‘untouchable’. Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, or the Chicago Strangler, to name aContinue reading “True Crime: A Fan Culture Devoid of Empathy”

“Self-Care Isn’t Just for Women”

Sydney Milewski // Time and time again, self-care is marketed towards women as a way to relax, recharge, and show some love to yourself. Face masks, bubble baths, and disconnecting from your devices are typical ways we are told we can participate in “self-care”. While some people recognize doing a body scrub and drinking teaContinue reading ““Self-Care Isn’t Just for Women””