What Is Intersectional Feminism? An Intro.

Emily Kissinger // “If we are not intersectional, some of us, the most vulnerable, are going to fall through the cracks”  – Kimberlé Crenshaw With The RevivalZine being an intersectional feminist publication, we felt it was long overdue to define what specifically IS intersectionality in a way that’s accessible. As well as that it’s ourContinue reading “What Is Intersectional Feminism? An Intro.”

The Evolution of me and You: A Personal Perspective on the Male Gaze Backed by Biology

Ladann Kiassat //  The human species love putting themself above the wild animals they abuse, torture, and eat. You’ve often heard a rendition of “man looks into nature and finds himself” in one context or another. Well this is quite literal. A lot of the evolutionary behaviors that animals display in the midst of theContinue reading “The Evolution of me and You: A Personal Perspective on the Male Gaze Backed by Biology”

Young Adult Novels and the ‘Masculine Heroine’

Leila Kalliel //       Young Adult novels are infamous for their overwhelming tendency to rely on well-tested, recurring ‘tropes’ within a narrative to gain audience approval from readers who are often the most impressionable, and are thus most affected by the perpetuation of these literary stereotypes. Some familiar tropes may include: The Chosen One The ParentsContinue reading “Young Adult Novels and the ‘Masculine Heroine’”

There’s nothing like a mad woman

Joshen Mantai // Somewhere in the narrowing hallway of a school, a teenage high school girl is clenching her fists to contain the rage bubbling inside her, enveloping her slowly. She’s developed what feels like a fierce flame inside her, one that almost feels like it will break her if she lets it, her throatContinue reading “There’s nothing like a mad woman”

Butterflies Below the Breast: Overcoming Tattoo Stereotypes for Women

Karlie Smith // The foundation of my youth was nourished with an appreciation for ink on skin. My mother’s arms were painted with the stories of her life, and I used to trace my fingers across the vibrant graphics that wrapped elegantly around the base of her wrists and the small of her back. HerContinue reading “Butterflies Below the Breast: Overcoming Tattoo Stereotypes for Women”

What is White Feminism?

Leila Kalliel // With an influx of information and a new attention to intersectionality in general education, many people have heard a relatively new term encompassing a phenomenon known as “white feminism”. But what is it, and what does it really mean?  Wikipedia defines White Feminism as, “a form of feminism that focuses on the strugglesContinue reading “What is White Feminism?”

Period Cups: Eco-guilt Surrounding Menstruation

by Rayanne Asuncion // Menstruation: a natural bodily function that remains a taboo in 2021. From secret tampon exchanges under the table, to hormonal acne, to bringing your entire bag into the bathroom stall just to replace sanitary products, people with periods are socially conditioned to feel ashamed and disgusted at that time of theContinue reading “Period Cups: Eco-guilt Surrounding Menstruation”

The Brazen Woman

By Victoria Mongiardo // As a woman, I am assumed to be altruistic, empathetic, nurturing, and sweet, and while I wouldn’t say that those characteristics are completely inaccurate to who I am, it is problematic to confine women to such demure terms. By defining a proper woman as someone who should embody these docile characteristics, womenContinue reading “The Brazen Woman”