Being a Feminine Feminist

 By Leila Kalliel //I’ve been trying to think of a way to sum up my relationship with femininity. Several titles for this article have come and gone. Among them, “It’s Hard Being a Feminist and Having a Boyfriend,” which was a close second until I realized that my problem isn’t as much about romantic relationshipsContinue reading “Being a Feminine Feminist”

The Most Embarrassing Part About My Spotify Wrapped

By Drue Wigton // As all Spotify, or even Apple music users know, the two platforms’ respective year wrapped features are equally looked forward to and dreaded. In essence, this playlist serves a purpose of showing you the songs and artists you spent the most time listening to over the course of the year. ForContinue reading “The Most Embarrassing Part About My Spotify Wrapped”

The Act of Rape Used Against Women in Horror

By Emily Kissinger// When it comes to horror movies, an audience is under the conscious notion that nothing is off-limits. But within the subconscious part of the mind, there are acts believed to be entirely taboo. They get under your skin and sit there for days after the credits roll. The issue, however, is whenContinue reading “The Act of Rape Used Against Women in Horror”

“Like a girl…” : Microaggressions Used Toward Women

By: Drue Wigton // As a kid, I never took much offence when my male friends would use phrases such as “… like a girl,” or “… for a girl.” I guess I never found these phrases offensive because I couldn’t realize just how offensive they are. Microaggressions such as these are very commonly usedContinue reading ““Like a girl…” : Microaggressions Used Toward Women”

Colorblindness: A Woman’s Experience

By Alex Cadoff // It was a night like any other. I was laying on one couch with my mother laying on the other watching a show we’ve seen many times before. So, like any good tv watcher, I zoned out of the outside world and went inside my mind to reflect what had happened thatContinue reading “Colorblindness: A Woman’s Experience”

Pop Culture and Toxic Relationships

By Victoria Mongiardo // Toxic Relationships. Chances are you have had one, seen a friend cry over one, or even watched your family members struggle through them, and for many people…it’s all of the above. Toxic relationships are so prevalent that nearly everyone can recognize the signs. There is the repetitive fighting, lack of trustContinue reading “Pop Culture and Toxic Relationships”

A Girl Eat Girl World

By Leila Kalliel // Men have oppressed and victimized women for centuries, forcing them into a domestic role they found to be the most convenient. But what lasting effects did this constant mistreatment have on the way we as women view each other? In my experience, these injustices paved the way for an unprecedented phenomenon.Continue reading “A Girl Eat Girl World”