Demystifying Queer Love: 4 (HEALTHY!) Sapphic Book Recommendations

Micaela Davis In the age of fanfiction and the rampant hyper-fetishization of female queer relationships both on and off-screen, it can definitely be a challenge to find healthy and interesting representation in works of fiction. As a sapphic enthusiast and bookworm, I’ve definitely experienced some hit-and-misses when it came to finding WLW (woman-loving-woman) books thatContinue reading “Demystifying Queer Love: 4 (HEALTHY!) Sapphic Book Recommendations”

The Most Embarrassing Part About My Spotify Wrapped

By Drue Wigton // As all Spotify, or even Apple music users know, the two platforms’ respective year wrapped features are equally looked forward to and dreaded. In essence, this playlist serves a purpose of showing you the songs and artists you spent the most time listening to over the course of the year. ForContinue reading “The Most Embarrassing Part About My Spotify Wrapped”

Four Feminist Fictions to Read This Fall

By Leila Kalliel// With the end of fall semester about a month away, I’m sure we’re all ready to finish up those final projects and have a little r&r over winter break. Here at the Zine, one of our favorite ways to decompress after an (extremely) draining year is by cuddling up with a goodContinue reading “Four Feminist Fictions to Read This Fall”