Meet the Young Women Behind UCSB Revival Zine!

Leila Kalliel

President of UCSB Chapter

Hi! My name is Leila Kalliel and I’m a fourth year English major. My research interests include intersectional feminism, gender, and sexuality studies.  

I have never felt as inspired and motivated by a campus organization as I have by The REVIVAL Zine. Being part of a feminist publication so dedicated to achieving social justice through creative expression has been exactly the kind of cause my literary heart has been longing to write for. I can’t wait to see what this club can achieve! 

In my free time, I love to read, hike, play piano, care for my plants, and write!  

Instagram: Leilawalayla 

Cathryn Noel-Veatch

Vice President

Hello! My name is Cathryn Noel-Veatch and I am a  third year English and Political Science double major. When I’m not busy with school I love to read, crochet and ride my bike. I hope that The Revival Zine can be a space in which people can write and read feminist works, finding inspiration to use their own voice to make the world a better place.

Instagram: cathryn.noelveatch11

Karlie Smith

Editor In-Chief

My name is Karlie Smith, and I am a third-year English major at UCSB. In my free time, I like to write, read, and paint. Since I was a child, powerful female writers from the past inspired me to pick up a pen and allow the words to pour out of me, which is why I joined REVIVAL. I joined because it is a publication that amplifies student voices, and I believe extraordinary things will come from people with a passion for change.

Instagram: karliesmithx

Sydney Milewski

Finance Director

Hi I’m Sydney!
I’m a third year double major in Economics and Environmental Studies. I’m passionate about keeping our beautiful planet protected as well as seeing women and girls achieve anything they set their mind to. A few things I love to do are going to the beach, playing soccer, and crocheting. I am a part of Revival Zine because I think it is important for everyone, especially women and nonbinary folks, to have a place where their voice can be heard.

Instagram: sydney.nicole.m

Amanda Kim

Social Media Director

Hi I’m Amanda! I’m a third year, Communication major at UCSB and I am so excited to be a part of a club that supports and advocates for women, disenfranchised groups, minorities and other marginalized communities. I feel passionate about the Revival Zine’s mission as a team, and I feel fortunate for the chance to get involved and contribute original ideas. If I’m not doing school or scrolling thru Twitter, I like painting, reading and hanging out with the homies in my free time! Here’s to a great year!


Jingyi Zhou

Website Designer

Hi! I am Jingyi, a second year, Computer Science major at UCSB. I love pop music, filming, working out, and hiking. I really relate to the Revival because it advocates feminism by spreading our original ideas and stories! I also enjoy working with feminists and I am inspired by this club, so I hope to contribute my own power as well!

Instagram: vickyzhoujy

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