Cinematic Capsize: A Sexual Assault Story in 7 Parts

Rayelyn Mallari // Content Warning: The following poem contains themes of sexual violence, suicide, and PTSD that may be traumatizing or uncomfortable to some readers.  Part I – Here Lies My Silence  September  Sixth grade I’m the girl in the cafeteria  plastic gloves and a hair net Wiping down tables  I see him As I’mContinue reading “Cinematic Capsize: A Sexual Assault Story in 7 Parts”

On Uniformity

Katie Caracciolo // 8/31/2015 On the first day of seventh grade, I confront my reflection in the mirror: the epitome of middle school awkwardness. Barely there blonde hair hangs down over my forehead, pimples freckle my chin, and horrible plastic glasses frame my nearsighted eyes. But my recently-tightened braces shine bright in the mirror, becauseContinue reading “On Uniformity”

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