Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Rayanne Asuncion My grandmother raised five daughters and two sons in a foreign country across the Pacific Ocean. She owned a restaurant, worked multiple jobs at once, and won a battle against breast cancer. This year she celebrated her 83rd birthday in her favorite place: the casino. She loves cooking for her family.Continue reading “Mother’s Day”

Pronouns in Drag Culture: Rupaul’s Drag Race and other Crazy Controversies

by Kat Brydson // Welcome to the crazy world of drag culture. I’ll introduce this to you with a scenario: You’re at your local Taco Bell, enjoying your crunch wrap supreme, when a group of male-presenting folks walk in and keep referring to each other as “she”. If you didn’t know that they were dragContinue reading “Pronouns in Drag Culture: Rupaul’s Drag Race and other Crazy Controversies”

“Daddy Issues”

by Suad Abdoun Every now and then, when I am driving through Isla Vista, blasting a random indie playlist, the song Daddy Issues by the NBHD will play and inevitably get stuck in my head for days. I have been thinking about the concept of “daddy issues” a lot as I examine insecurities I haveContinue reading ““Daddy Issues””

“Is Self Care Real?”

Alexandra Gray // Two months ago I came across an Instagram post of a tweet thread talking about self care. The tweets by Devon Price, linked below, state that “self care” is not real, and is actually a falsity created by capitalism and corporations to turn survival into luxury. Price argues that this transformation hasContinue reading ““Is Self Care Real?””

Sex Ed and Sexism

Leila Kalliel // Sexual Education in K-12 schools is a subject which has long been a struggle to implement. From biological essentialism to pregnancy scares, schools just can’t seem to find an appropriate, helpful, realistic middle ground to base their curriculums around. But while the inefficacy of information distributed through sexual education has been aContinue reading “Sex Ed and Sexism”

The “Abnormal” Sex

Maryanne Sheldon // Category: Health Medicine and the science behind it have been inherently biased throughout human history. Women, especially women of color, have been consistently ignored because their bodies were considered the outlier. In religion, government, and society at large, white male bodies have been seen as the norm, the template body plan toContinue reading “The “Abnormal” Sex”

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